22nd March 2023

Equine Gait Analysis

The Problem:
Lameness is one of the biggest problems for a horse owner.

Unfortunately, horses often do it to themselves, galloping round a field or rolling in a stable. The difficulty for owners, and even healthcare specialists, is that it is hard to tell exactly where the problem is.

While many horses cope well with unrecognised, low-grade lameness, their quality of life would be greatly improved if they could be helped sooner.

Our Approach:
STG Biomechanics offers equine validated, equine gait analysis using sensors; a far more efficient and accurate approach to gait analysis than any other type.

Our approach is to provide horse owners with accurate, objective data on the movement of the horse when healthy, using our validated, sensor-based system.

Sensor in hock strap
 Sensor in hock strap

When a lameness issue occurs, the horse can be re-tested and compared to the original healthy gait profile. This data is then able to be used by your vet or healthcare practitioner to support diagnosis and treatment and even to monitor rehabilitation. Using our objective approach, it can be confirmed when the horse has returned to its regular movement.


    • Easier diagnosis of issues
      • sometimes negating the need for nerve blocking or at least reducing the process.
    • Objective information to show when the horse is back to regular movement.
    • Provide objective movement data on horses for buyers and sellers

Our flexibility: Unlike other equine gait analysis systems, we can work indoors, outdoors and in almost any weather (snow is a little tricky!). It only takes a few minutes to complete the anlysis and our system has validated accuracy.

Our services can include Gait Testing for:

    • Private owners
    • Professional owners
    • Rehabilitation Centres

Shane Breen and Z7 Ipswich van de Wolfsakker
  Shane Breen and Ipswich van de Wolfsakker after the Breen horses had had gait analysis

Amy Inglis
Amy Inglis trotting her horse for an STGBiomechsnics  gait analysis


We have run studies on behalf of equine companies. We have also provided objective data to support feeds, supplements and products that have an effect on mobility.

We are happy to discuss any requirements or book you in for a gait analysis.

Contact us to discuss your requirements


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