22nd March 2023

Ageing well

The problem we all face: As we get older, we need to think about our mobility. Mobility is the joy of moving freely and easily. Healthy muscles, bones and joints allow us to perform all types of movements – from everyday tasks to enjoying our favorite hobbies.

Some of the first visible signs of aging may be changes to posture and gait, as well as fatigue and general weakness doing everyday tasks. People may notice an impact on mobility when engaging in activities such as walking and running. Aging affects muscle mass and strength, bone density, and can make joints stiffer and less flexible due to reduction of cartilage thickness1.

Importance of muscle health: The age-related loss of muscle may decrease mobility. Loss of muscle mass can begin as early as 30 years of age and it can become more prominent from the age of 50 onwards. The rate of muscle loss is influenced by the amount of regular physical activity people do throughout their lives. An injury or temporary illness can also affect the amount of skeletal muscle mass. Good nutrition and weight management will certainly help with mobility.

What we can do: Exercise at any age is excellent for mobility and at STG Biomechanics we can offer you exercises that will help with fitness and will also be tailored to the specific areas that you need to improve, based upon your gait test or lower limb functional analysis.

We can also offer VoxxLife wearable technology to help improve your wellness and mobility.

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