22nd March 2023

Hip or knee replacement

There are approximately 80000 hip replacements and 80000 knee replacements taking place in the UK every year and this number will continue to grow.

Joint Replacement Considerations

Hip and knee replacement surgery has very good success rates with regard to the wound healing, however, it is also important that we return to a good gait. We change our walking style when we have pain and once the pain has gone, following surgery, we need to change back to a symmetrical way of walking. If we do not get back to good movement, we will continue to put weight where it should not be, which will put other joints under unnecessary strain.

At STG Biomechanics we can analyse your movement, quickly and easily, and we can show you what things you need to change. We can provide you with exercises that are specific for your needs, to help you improve your mobility. Longer term, this will reduce the likelihood of you having other issues related to your mobility.

We can also offer VoxxLife wearable technology to help improve your wellness and mobility.

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