22nd March 2023

Individuals or Companies

For the individual

At STG Biomechanics we are happy to work with individuals to improve their mobility. Whether you want to improve performance or just get your mobility to a good level we can help.

We offer a validated gait analysis, which can be performed quickly and easily, to identify areas for improvement. We can then offer tailored exercise, at the right level, to address your specific issues. We can also offer a lower limb functional analysis which focuses on strength and symmetry. All of this can be carried out at your home.

Corporate Wellness

We can offer a gait testing and exercise package through a scheduled clinic on your premises. You can improve the mobility and wellness for your staff. A healthier, happier member of staff will be a more productive member of your team. We would also be happy to integrate into any existing wellness package that you ahve for your staff. We have good evidence for the success of this approach and would be happy to discuss further.

We can also offer VoxxLife wearable technology to help improve your wellness and mobility.

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