22nd March 2023

VoxxLife Trials with STG Biomechanics

At STG Biomechanics we are currently running a series of trials with VoxxLife wearable neurotechnology.
We will be looking for volunteers for a range of conditions including stroke, Parkinsons, knee or hip osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. We would like the volunteers to have their mobility analysed before and after applying the technology. The trial will run for 10 days. We would also like to video the before and after with the technology.
We are currently testing a group of people with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). This is a very debilitating condition and quality of life can be seriously impaired.

Here is a video (apologies as it lasts about 10 minutes!) that can show you the before and after effects of the technology.

We are based in the South East of England so location could be a consideration. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to volunteer or understand more about the trial you can email me at  steve@stgbiomechanics.com

The products that we are testing can be seen here: https://stevegoode.voxxlife.com

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